January 28, 2012
My Introduction to Tony Vaccaro

October 16th, 2011.

Willem De Kooning in 1956 stated that, “Whatever I see becomes my shapes and my condition” (Painters on painting by Eric Protter, pg 242). Today, I stare at Tony Vaccaro and ask him about his experience shooting DeKooning along with a laundry list of other abstract expressionists, actors, sculptors and movie directors. Our shape, two people with more than a half-century of life in between us; Our condition, a small coffee shop in Long Island City on a perfect October day.

Before all of the glamour of editorial and fashion photography, Vaccaro’s own history of photography started in his high school in New Rochelle, NY.  He pointed to a photograph, “this is the man who made it all happen, and here (pointing to the subject of the photograph) was my high school sweetheart”.